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Winter In My Mind

This song is by Raghav and appears on the album Storyteller (2004).

Remember how, the way we were
The way we use to be
So hard to drive,
I thought we could not stop
We would rock constantly baby,

I know the clothes you wear
And every girl you try
And all the people in your life
That whole vibe baby
But when I lost ma way,
I should have spent the time
With your soul and in your mind
Givin' it a ride baby

And I wish that I had known this before
Instead I opened and I closed every door
I should've known that lost you for sure
Wherever you wanna
You must have so much more

Babe, I know its summer where you are
But you left me here alone
Now its winter in mind yeaa

Now understand,
I recognised that I'm a better man
'Cause of you baby
Let me take your hand
Oh I see you want it back
I guess that I'm too late baby

I know the grass is cleaner
On the other side
Maybe someone in your life
That's ok baby
Yeah, girl you told me
That there so much more inside
It's so sad I've seen the light
In some bad times

(Chorus until fade...)

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