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Enough Is Enough

This song is by Rage and appears on the live album The Power Of Metal (1993).


We send satellites to space
And we own the biggest missiles
We give millions of support for technology
But still we can't even live in peace with our neighbour
Most of us are insane of neuroses

Enough is enough - you can control
Enough is enough - those who don't know

Faster - this world is heading straight into a big disaster
Tell me when will it reach its end?
Bigger - when moneymakers stamp our souls with technology
Believe me, this got to reach an end
All this missery in our minds will break free, you will see...

Social psychology - seek the key for our salvation
This science needs more support, it could help that
The understanding of the single person can grow
But who pays
'Cause if we stay weak we are much better to use

Enough is enough - you can control
Enough is enough - right from the start


Science is only as good or as bad
As the people who use it
And if we want to have a tomorrow
We should take ten percent of the money from our armies
And develop the minds of our nations


Faster - a victory 'bout fear, this is the greatest glory
Believe me, the first step has been made
Bigger - the real progress - another quality in our way of life
From quantity to quality
Away from misery in our minds, make them free, it's got to be...

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