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Warrior Soul

This song is by Rag Men and appears on the album Rag Men (2004).

I'm a warrior, I choose my own path.
Get in my way, it'll be a bloodbath.
Only got one life to live.
Making moves in order to succeed.
Time is something money can't buy.
So I can't.
Afford to waste no more time.
Time is something money can't buy.
I can't afford to be wasteful with life.
The path I choose is my own.
I do what works for me, and not for you.
Content with my ways, I won't hesitate.
Overcoming all that confronts me.
I will succeed.
I do what pleases me, I will achieve.
No matter what obstructs, it won't break me.
Life's too short to give up and throw away.
Fight with myself just to treasure each day.
Warrior in your soul.
Let it go, and take control.
Warrior in your soul, let it go.
Time is something money can't buy.
So I can't afford to

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