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This song is by Rag Men and appears on the album Rag Men (2004).

I've lost more than my share, but flipside was always good.
Threw away the storybook, made up my own rules.
Chose to look on the bright side, sometimes to a fault.
Procrastinating inside, outside I know it all.
I know what I know.
From what's been given to me, and what's been earned - (nothing).
Time to make my mark.
Break free from excuses and take charge.
I've gone where my heart's led, but sometimes the path was fruitless.
Chased down the dreams inside of my head, to run away.
Time comes when all must change, sacrifice and live for others.
Move on step by step, create another day.
I've seen what I've seen.
I've been around the world, but nothing matters now.
Lifetime, long ways to go.
I won't look back on this with regret... no.
'Cause I can't sleep anymore.
No time to waste anymore.
Life experience to pacify.
Catch myself before I fall beyond the point of no return

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