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Dr. Merengue

This song is by Rafo Ráez and appears on the split album Trovadikxion (2007) by Rafo Ráez and Daniel F.

Tú me ves conversar
Tú me ves sonreír
Pero yo no soy así

Sólo me ves fingir
Disimular mi odiar
Tratando de herirte

Solo yo me reprimo Ya
Solo yo me reprimo Ya

Di qué quiero sentir
Dime qué quiero sentir
Di qué quiero vivir
Dime qué quiero vivir
Qué estoy buscando aquí

Si esto no va a acabar
quiero saberlo ya
para poder vivir

Solo, y acostumbrarme Ya!
Solo, y acostumbrarme Ya!

Te insulto por detrás
mientras me haces un favor
o en una transacción

Vuela, doctor merengue!
Vuela, Doctor merengue!

Ella me dijo a mí
No hables mal de ti
todos te creerán.


You see me talk
you see me smile
But I'm not like this

You are just seeing me pretending
Concealing my hatred
Me trying not to hurt you

I repress myself Yeah (bis)

Say what I want to feel
Tell me what I want to feel
Say what I want to live
Tell me what I want to live
What I am looking for here.

If this is never going to end
I want to know it right now
So I can start to live

Alone and to get used to it Yeah! (bis)

I insult you behind your back
while you make me a favour
or on an exchange
an exchange

Please watch over yourself
please watch over yourself
don't let me pretend any more
more more more

Fly, Doctor Meringue Now!
Fly, Doctor Meringue Now!

She told me
Don't talk bad about yourself
everybody is going to believe you.

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