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Rockin' On Your Own

This song is by Radiodogs and appears on the album Bender (2003).

I'm dreaming of driving my car interstate
Never fallen in love but maybe today
I'll take what's mine before they take it away
I'm hearing the voices say
You're rockin' on your own

I'm feeling the changes are coming my way
On a four lane freeway where choices are made
This engine may explode but I'm not afraid
'Cause it's all gonna be okay
You're rockin' on your own

Playing the charade, watching what you say
That's so yesterday, time keeps rollin' on
Gotta breakaway, never be the same
I really gotta get outta this place
You're rockin' on your own

I'm living and breathing the greatest escape
Been beat up and broke, yeah, but I'll never break
Gonna find me a grl that I can shake
But then when the morning comes
You're rockin' on your own

And I don't wanna live my life wishing I was somebody else

Gonna get real high, gonna find myself
I'll read the signs but do something else
Take a chance on the weather, the world won't wait
So I'm gonna do it alone...

You're rockin' on your own

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