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Circus Clowns

This song is by Radiodogs and appears on the album Bender (2003).

I've singled out the little things that could've caused
What you're going through...
'Cause I've been living with it everyday
I dropped a cup, I smashed a plate
It took 6 goes to tie my shoes today
And I know that there is no one else to blame
'Cause I let you down
You needed me most when I wasn't around
I'm so sorry with all of my heart
Wish I knew all the answers right from the start

Circus clowns are watching me push my car into the sea
Listen to the symphony playing along
Sitting in a time machine, planning to change everything
Back to when you gave a shit about me

Late at night I'm so alone
Without you here this bed's too big for me
And I toss and turn but still can't get to sleep
I found a card you'd written me... better days
You were so in love with me
And I can't believe I've thrown it all away
A stupid mistake
I figured it out just a minute too late
I'm so sorry, if only I saw
All the pieces of yesterday fall to the floor

A stupid mistake

When you used to care about me

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