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Movie soundtrack by various artists.
  1. We Got The Beat by Debby Ryan
  2. Can't Stop The Rock by The Barrymores
  3. Afterthought by The Whereabouts
  4. Turn It All Around by The GGGG's
  5. We So Fly by The GGGG's
  6. Brand New Day by Kari Kimmel
  7. Backing Off by Champion
  8. We Ended Right by Debby Ryan (featuring Chase Ryan and Chad Hively)
  9. No Advances by Two Hours Traffic
  10. Like You Love Her by Fat Sue
  11. Now I Can Be The Real Me by The GGGG's
  12. Touch The Ground by Central Park (featuring Maylee Todd)
  13. My Revolution by Above Envy
  14. A Wish Comes True Everyday by Debby Ryan

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