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Stuck On Things

This song is by Radio Racer and appears on the album Scream! Shout! Let It All Out (2007).

Show me what you're all about
So I can tell
Just what you're thinking
When you're laying next to me

Come on, just let me
Give in, please babe
Come on, you've got to baby

Stuck on things
Stuck on things I never said
Wishing that I could have told you before
You're my one, only one I ever need
There's no excuse for what I put you through

Regrets got me by the throat
She's not letting go
Relocations wearing down heart
Shell never fall in love, again

And it's over
'Cause I'm too late
She's gone

And I just wish that I could tell her
I love her
And if she knew that
I need her
Shed change her mind

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