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Smoke More Cigarettes

This song is by Radio Fiction.

Baby please just stay tonight
I want to fall asleep with you by my side
I don't want to dream all day in fright
So please just stay with me one more night
I'm so sick of smoking cigarettes
My body flails every time I inhale
Hold me close as I begin to shake
Before my brittle heart begins to break

Just don't leave me here all alone
Crying, crying, crying on the phone
Hoping for that today you'll stay
Because forever in my heart, you'll always lay
Could this be real, this awesome feeling?
So much commosion my brain is reeling
I wanna be with your contagious kind
Because you've infected my heart and mind

Another drag and I'll call it a night
I hope to God I fall asleep tonight
But even if you left me tonight
I'll still love you until the day I die
Even if I was buried alive
I'll have your ghost right by my side
The only drag about the afterlife
Is you can't have a smoke before you call it a night

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