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Of Greater Things To Come

This song is by Radio Fiction.

Everytime the seasons change,
I'm still the same, I refuse to change
After she's slept with all those nameless faces
Will she stay the same, or will she try to change?

Within the laws of attraction, there are flaws and distractions
Interferences that disrupt the incoming and outgoing signals of lust.
Would I be a better person if I told you how I feel?
If I do then I dare you to swallow that bitter pill.

Just take me away
From all of this pain.

I put myself in that position again; watching two lovers evolve from friends.
And I promised I wouldn't act absurd, but I swear to God, it gets on my nerves.
Maybe it's the way he kisses her cheek in lieu of all those I love you's.
And I guarantee when she kisses him, he tastes just like deja vu.

So just take me away
From all of this pain.

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