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Love Is The Alibi

This song is by Radiator and appears on the album Isn't It Strange? (1977).


I've read all the papers, seen the news at ten
No one gonna save us, we've done it again
Oh aren't we lucky just being alive
Only thing wrong is, we don't seem to jive.
Live is surprising, for there ain't no surprise
If it takes all your live, just trying to survive
Love is your only alibi.

I've read all the stories, sung all the songs
Sometimes I'm right, but more times I'm wrong
Maybe we scared of playing crazy and dart
Do almost anything to raise a love.
But you look with your ear and you see with your eye
You walk with your feet and you're sad when you're cry
Love is your only alibi.

You win some, you lose some, overnight
You know what to do, but you can't get it right
And no one gonna help you, 'cause they're all by themselves
And everyone else you see is somebody else.
At least when you know, that they're in the same boat
There's no need to cheat, there's no need to lie,
'Cause Love is your only alibi.
Love is your only,
Love is your only,
Love is your only alibi.

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