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Sex On (The Beach)

This song is by Radiation Year.

When the sun goes down
I'm wondering why I'm in this town
Yeah, the tropical sands
Reflect the color of your tan
And your saying to me when?
I'll be looking at you now
You'll be down on your knees
Begging me for it
Begging me for it

I know, I know
That you won't ask me to go
I know, I know
That you won't leave me alone

When patience is wearing thin
And time is running out
You'll be asking me
Asking me, asking me
How long I take to come?

HOME, to you now
Like it's told in the fable of the south
And they say that tomorrow is a new day
Spread dem legs, spread dem legs
And open that fucking mouth
Get ready for
A gift, a gift, a gift from the south

Right now, Right now
I wanna see what you
Got now, got now
And we'll be working up a motion, motion

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