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Gospel And Moonshine

This song is by Radiation Year.

I've got a motion

It's up to you right now

Will you let her down?

She was slowly taking off her gown

So get her wet

And complicate her with your eyes

Now what is passion?

Without pride

She said, she said

It was sex in the form of conviction

Regret, regret

Is all we'll ever know


You telecasted porno waves

In the wake of an early night

I can't believe you weren't

Better than this

Let's get some hookers

And teach them how to read

That way their sex

Will have some class tonight


You needed the romance

And you needed the alcohol

You needed the apathy

And you needed to watch it all cave in


My presence was detected here

I've got the disease

I'll be dead in a year


So now you've learned the ropes

Cause girl you've got it good

You want a pretty face right now?

I'll help you sew one on

Push back, yeah baby, push back

(Yeah baby)


I'll help you sew one on

I come equipped with tools to handle trash like you

It's like the smell of sulphur

It keeps my organs healthy

Now show me something

That I've never seen before


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