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Bordello Rotten

This song is by Radiation Year.

We've got a hell of a war cry

In the key of a hurricane

We're lookin' for something

We're puttin' some points on the board

We're looking for something

More along the lines of an uproar

I wanna hear you roar

Lemme hear you roar!

Bordello Rotten

Well it's a place that you call home

Bordello Rotten

They make sure that you get your moneys worth

It's a hell of a ride

When our bodies are rollin' in with the tide

And I've got a feeling

Got a good feeling I might

Open up, let me in

But I'm never gonna get it

I'm never gonna get it

Open up, let me see what you're made of

Let me in, you'll be the one who will slave us (x2)

Put your hands together for the end of

The world

Oh honey honey

Don't you know I wanna wanna

Oh baby baby

I've gonna fuckin' getcha getcha

Oh honey honey

I kinda wanna get you involved

Oh baby baby I wanna wanna

Get you involved when you're gettin' involved

We're gettin' out of control


Turn it up turn it turn it up (x4)

And it feels it feels so right

And it feels so good it feels so tight

And it feels it feels so right it feels so tight

At the end

We get a critical fix


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