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Fareweel Regality

This song is by Terry Conway and appears on the album The Bairns (2007) by Rachel Unthank & The Winterset.

And now it's time to say fareweel
And though I hope that we may meet again
And all things may be reet again
We've lived and spent the day

And so we'll cry fareweel regality
And cry fareweel to liberty
To honest friends' civility
To winter's frost and fire
And there's naught that I can bid ya
But that peace and love gan with you
Never mind wherever call the fates
Away from Hexhamshire

And what is time that flies so fleet
But just a bird that flies on merry wings
And lights us down in happy springs
When winter's need is past

And so we'll cry fareweel...

Aye but the curlew sings her sang
And winds her sorrows down the Rowley Burn
And drear as winds the hunter's horn
The call is all fareweel

And so we'll cry fareweel...

And as I set the mossy stones
And do me bits of jobs and gap the dykes
I hear the whispers down the sykes
Fareweel they sigh, fareweel

And so we'll cry fareweel...

Do I remember? Do I dream?
And did we rightly meet by Viewly Side?
For all this and much more beside
Has got me sore beguiled

And so we'll cry fareweel...

And on some golden autumn morn
Or when July is hazing Dipton Slopes
By Whitley Mill or Westburnhope
We'll live and spend the day

And so we'll cry fareweel...
And so we'll cry fareweel...

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