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Collectible Mugs

This song is by Rachel Jacobs.

So-and-so, how are you?

How is your day so far?

How was your weekend?

So-and-so, what else is new?

See any new movies?

Drink any alcohol?

I do the same shit almost every single day.

And I complain and I complain.

Because my life seems so mundane.

I do the same shit almost every single day.

And I complain and I complain.

Though instead I used to feign my contentment.

Get your shades. Get your volleyball.

Get your cooler. Fill it up with alcohol.

Get your boombox, crank it up loud.

Get some bumpin' tunes and it's a beach party! Yeah! Yeah!

Get a skill. Get a job.

You had fun while you were young.

Now suck it up for Mom and Pop.

Get some new shoes. Get a dog.

Get a glass case to display your collectible mugs.

When I was young I used to dream

Of dwelling caves so deep and secret

It was my destiny, I believed

Never thought I'd be stuck in a building with fake plants and coffee machines

I was made to walk the earth on unpaved roads of glass and trees

But here I am on a conference call

I'm not upset, I'm not upset

I'm just sick of talking to strangers on the phone.

But I could be a lot worse off I guess

I could be directionless

Or god forbid, I could be without this job that I detest

Get a car. Get some credit cards.

Get an accountant because math is really hard.

Get engaged, write your pre-nup.

Better safe than sorry! Better keep that money within the blood!

Get a house. Get another car.

Get the kids from up the block to mow your lawn for five bucks.

Get those damn mice out of our garage!

When you're bored spy on the neighbors with your binoculars.

It's not as bad as I'm making it out.

I've gotten used to it, I suppose that I'm neutral at this point.

I see the world a lot differently now.

I must remind myself that I'm lucky to have a brother who could get me a white collar job.

So this is what I've become, whattttttsssupppp.

This is my life now.

Maybe Mom and Dad will finally be proud.

Maybe they'll stop saying, "why don't you act your age?"

Maybe they'll start loving me now that I'm engaged to a yearly wage.

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