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Tracing The Map

This song is by Rachel Browne.

Mrs. says "Can you please be quiet"

I didn't think she knew I was awake

This time I didn't care I took the train out

Watching all the lights half past midnight

And I didn't think about you

Do you think I should start on this line

There are lots of things I could tell you

But I don't think it's the time

You're scraping words off what we said

I don't remember so it's fine

Mrs. says "Can you please stop laughing?

Some of us have to work for a living"

This time it was all wrong I took my feet out

And walking past your door I felt the same pull

And I thought about you

Time taps out slowly

Do I see you in dreams?

Oh yeah, I think so

This could be one now

I don't know, I don't know

It doesn't seem real

And neither do you

Mrs. says "Can you please be quiet?"

Looking at the map

And tracing all the lines

I saw you in Detroit

I saw you in Des Moines

Looking at the map

And tracing all the lines

I can think about the time

And how to get it back

And how to get you back

Oh now it's gone past an hour

And I know I should probably

Be asleep or something healthy

Something good for me

Looking at the map

And tracing all the lines

On how to get to you

And how to get back

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