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​Promise Of Love (Wedding Song)

This song is by Rachel Brown and appears on the album Love, Life & Relationships (2007).

Verse 1 - Male

Here's the moment, I've waited for I stand beside you here, to tell the world I'll always love you, I'll always care And if you need me girl, I will be there
In just one moment, you shall be mine So wipe my tears away, if I should cry Tears of joy, is what they'd be As I could my blessings baby, GODs been good to me

So I promise I will love you, I promise to be true
Constantly right there beside you, I'll take good care of you
With this ring I vow to cherish you
Our love is so divine
Endless love is what we'll share
Until the end of time

Verse 2 - Female
Until the moon, leaves the sky
Until the ocean and seas run dry
My love shall still remain, hand in hand together
Through joy and pain
For every breath that you should take
For every little step that you should make
I'll be your air, I'll be your guide
I'll be your pillow to catch you, if you should fall

So I promise to be faithful, and I'll never let you down
You will be my one and only... devotion you have found
Through the good times, and the bad times
The sunshine and the rain
Should the LORD take you before me
That love will never change...

I know the road is long and winding
And we won't always see eye to eye
We will have our share of ups and downs
Whoa talk to me, just talk to me
We will work it out...

Backgrounds under ad libs
I'll be right there for you, faithful and true to you
This ring I give to you, this is my true promise to you
I'll be there... my promise to you