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​Shaolin Style Hip Hop

This song is by Racheal22k and appears on the album A Nightmare on Elm Street (2014).

At the gates, enter the palace
Blades drawn, final instruments of balance
Weighed in blood, fated by lethal talents
Light prevails after battling malice
Katana's edge is a power to harness
Violence's easy, restraint's the hardest
Use it wisely, when the time it's upon us
Injustice awaits around all of them corners
Lives are lost, zeal has no cost too high
Honor's a code for which to fight and die
In this world, everyone must sacrifice
The child with his youth, the samurai with his life
Flow like water, sting like a bee
Fore you knew what was on you, fall lifelessly
Against all odds, the mission's suicide
Struck down, shifting this impossible tide
One last breath, never to hide
Struck down, shifting this impossible tide
I have no job, I am living in my brothers garage
Freeloading beer holding, even the laptop I'm using is stolen
I haven't showered in days, it's been weeks since I felt sun rays
Talking to my beer like, remember when mom said I'm proud of you when you learned to ride a bike
And fly that kite, or learned how to wipe rite
The good old days is what I'm missing, now I masturbate till my dick starts chafing
Drink till my liver is aching, smoke till my brain cells start baking
And fill out applications, a habitually lie about my qualifications
But don't worry people I will strive, I got a interview at McDonald's tomorrow at five
Wish me luck
I'm a stone cold killer
Subliminal blood spiller, criminal rhyme spitter
Nightmare of babysitters, knock knock
Who's there, It's me
I'm gonna stab you nineteen times like they do on TV, ha
The cops will catch you, you think I give a fuck
I'll shoot you to just for good luck, why are you doing this
Please at least tell me, OK?, Fine? I guess I'll start from the beginning
On my sixth birthday my mom left me, why?
Shut up, I'm telling the fucking story!
My dad would beat me into submission, bruised eyes blurred vision
Broken jaw cuts with sloppy prisision, Wow!, I'm sorry!
Don't be bitch, now the only thing I feel are my eyelids when they twitch
Oh, I almost forgot about killing you slash
Don't worry, I won't just remember what I've been through