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​Ready For War

This song is by Racheal22k and appears on the EP The Skull (1993) and on the album A Nightmare on Elm Street (2014).

(Verse 1: Racheal22k)
I'm ready for war
Just listen for what I got in store
I'm constantly spitting from my core
I'm never quitting, I'm bouta unleash the gore
So relax and listen for more
They'll be too many wounded to account for
'Cause when I'm on the mic I killed you before
I even started, you're over and done for
I leave the stage and go explore
Then fuck this entire building up
Finish and walk out through the front door
Thank you, Dansonn, for suppying this beat
'Cause it's gives me purpose in life instead of beating my meat
This shit goes harder than drying concrete
But my bars are hardest so I took the competition and pressed delete
What can I say, I was born to throw up matches
My flow is like gasoline on fire taking out masses
Ill burn you all down then piss all on the ashes
You're face is starting to redden, maybe you're getting hot flashes
I'm unbeatable
It's unbelievable
That what I do is achievable
That's why I wanted to share it with y'all
Cause fuck the hate, I'm above it all
You're taxing me for peeping?
I need to make a withdrawal
Fucking grow up, tell me how that game goes over when you're behind a cell wall
That's right I said it, you fuck's are going no where so stop trying to stall
Just get your job at MCDonald's 'cause they're hiring all

(Verse 2: Graham22k)
Who am I?
You're worst nightmare
Shooting lightning in the sky making birds fly weird
Making demons who put me in a curse cry tears
Choosing to battle me is the worst idea
A man can have it's time to grasp the moment
It's 10:11
As I write this I bend dimensions when
I recite this raising my fist to the sky
Telling the Devil's in control of reality
I'm not afraid to die
If you're disliking my life
Put your money where your mouth is
Quit your posturing send your demons to
Deal with me as humans I'll turn 'em to
Sacrificial offerings as my pistols are popping
What are you made of? you're last to leave the party but I left
With your chick you're mad you can't out rap me
When I'm randomly spitting shit what've you got?
Other than the weight of frustration of being in
The lower spot I blow you off the map
And out the water with King Kong caliber
Raps I'm mega hot

(Verse 3: Microosoft David Desktop)
It seems power hungry people get put in positions to make decisions
While everyone else is just a witnesses
To the corruption and violence
Shrouded in secrecy by a sacred code of silence
Check where my mind is
Political, sinnical, a twisted individual
The way I flow my message to the beat is kind of critical
Psychology, combined with biology and astrology
It's what we need to put our focus on and stop following
All of the distractions that are daily being crafted
By the Big G and it's associates or eventually what's gonna happened
It's bound to be anything but friendly interaction
Dictatorship or worse, we'll be slaves to our masters
Bastards but best believe they got this shit backwards
'Cause I can see right through the lies of all you actors
And I know I'm not alone, everyone I know has got a phone
And if you think listening in it's gonna save you your dead wrong