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Mama Told Me

This song is by Racheal22k and appears on the EP The Skull (1993).

A mental-patient
Who is troubled with horrible nightmares
Has escaped from his hospital
Now on the streets he can't help killing innocent people
But there is one family he is more than interested in and when he tries to kill them
He finds that it's not that easy
Release prematurely from a North Eastern mental institution
George Tatum
Baird Stafford
Journeys back down to his home in Florida along the way
He has recurring nightmares of a violent incident from his childhood
Which forces him to kill again
George's ex-wife
Susan Temper
Sharon Smith
Young son C.J.
C.J. Cooke
And the family babysitter begin to receive "hang-up" calls
Which none of them realize is George making sure his family is home
The closer George gets to his destination
The more gruesome his murders become and the memories of his first childhood-murder intensify
Wearing an old-man mask to conceal his identity
George makes his way into his old house with an ice pick
Kills the babysitter
And goes after his son and two daughters (Kim Patterson & Tammy Patterson)
Who have taken refuge in their mother's bedroom on the second floor
Young C.J. manages to shoot the masked-maniac through a hole hacked into the door
Causing George to fall back down the staircase
As he lies dying
George has a full recall of his childhood
Where upon catching his father (William Kirksey) cheating on his mother (Christina Keefe) with a mistress
He brutally murders both of them with an axe
As George is carried off in a stretcher
His wife comes home
Identifies her husband
And goes into a screaming fit
Young C.J. is taken for questioning by the police
And winks into the camera as the final image of the film

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