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This song is by Racheal22k and appears on the EP The Skull (1993).

So much emphasis on the emptiness
Sent to whisper sentences of tempting bliss
Pretending it's the senses that can't resist
No surgical solution just bandages
Converge and come together like abandoned kids
Frantically fantasizing where their family is
Gone for sale sign on the lawn
No playground that they'll be climing upon
Tales of sorrow from an apathetic mind
Does it make it less wrong if it happens every time?
Trapped in the confines of the lines I draw
To surround my imperfections and define my flaws
To find my cause in this cosmic gallery
Positive its more than a boss's salary
Lost within reality, life is but a dream
But lately it's a nightmare, I just wanna scream
Yo real talk, real talk
I had to grab mic to write this sketching out the white chalk
Ain't nobody perfect but prefer we all tune in one circuit
Supplying knowledge to the lost sheep's who tote heat
Exit out the dreams they promote on TV
Be me naw be free for eternity
I will see the real you the real self
Fuck currency the value
Is in our community, no vanity
No holds everybody getting cold from they are told
Words sweet as honey
Love pure as gold
But who knows I'm just an artist that want to see the kids grow
I like the concept, no disrespect but I readid it with the ryhming words patience running thin on the tightrope I walk
And if I fall I hit the inside of the white chalk when the sad clown to every joke falls away from the circus
If I could have my own power trip (1 sec pause) I would spit light work to rewire every same circuit we go around like a grand prix (pre)
All these stars on TV more worried about making space for Grammy's
Rather than people with less space to sleep than what's in their pantries, some people don't even know of a net worth
To know a person give them power (1 sec pause) to see their true self worth
It's a stand still, who's gonna move firstflow may be weird but hope you like it
Que paso I I lost my laso it's my fault though 'cause I'm an asshole on the sabboth I'm a savage I don't fear his grace I think its funny that I can slap him in the face but underneath his feet don't even talk about the pace I'm wastless I eat this garbage no longer I gotta get stonger o heaveny fathhher I'm sorry I always make mistakes I do not what it takes I fall and don't hit the brakes I'm shit worthless throw me with the snakes I kll say it again I ain shit ain worth it I found you so I found a life prupose know I'm throwing it away like I don't deserve it but its pricless I wanna get off the devils hitlist so I don't get attacked mindfully when will it be the day ill swallow my pride and worship thee with no other way but to realize the truth that will set me free I'm on my knees not literally but in figure of illnesss
Uh dad once said, kid look at the stars one day
That's who you are I said dad shut the fuck up
Get out of my car old man hagging no good baggn stabbin niggahs in the brain faster than a cabbatch ppatch kid aten with a fatty bastard in a cabin blastin music that was older than a cabin abrahmas li ncoln casting demons till hes flackin southern troops calvin baxton lassons till they get round 'em blasting y'all back to my kid dreams of snappin fingers please to back stab him
Words of wisdom from Tupacalypse
We're dying for cash, but dying 'cause of that, lets stop this shit
The metropolis cropped into a necropolis
Monotous lifestyles turn bright smiles dim
And the walls close in as they gentrify the offices
Extermination of a generations confidence