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​Another Old School Hip Hop Rap

This song is by Racheal22k and appears on the EP The Skull (1993).

I did it I admit it I'm a sick kid
Blood runs deep no use for styptics
I'm twisted as I kick it
As the bud burns I defy physics
This is a nasty beat, definitely fap worthy
I rap dirty, Killin' off the pack in mass numbers
Blast bunkers, y'all can pucker and kiss my ass under
I don't give a fuck, I'ma live it up
I don't go to any colleges, I got a job at olive garden
I don't follow tradition, don't got a religion, but if I did, it wouldn't be catholicism
I feel small in this prison, I try to talk loud but only the wall's'll listen
I just found out that my wallets missing
My imaginary girlfriends calling me bitchin, I hope she fall's in the kitchen
I'm at the mall with some real women
And I rhyme fantastically with tenacity
I'm actually the last emcee to spit passionately with split personalities
I'm a rapper, this game is my bitch, I slap her,
I'm the pimp, and I'm sick of the typical laughter,
On a track from these actor slash rappers,
These tryhards... I could rip up a track backwards,
Words rap could motherfuckers you then faster,
See, I just did it, took a sentence and flipped it,
And its doper than most the quotes your ghost has scripted,
Bitch it's the vicious rapper, the most gifted,
On the battle scene my oppenents a ghost livin',
They rap it up to me but know that there's no winnin'