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​10 Crack Commandents

This song is by Racheal22k and appears on the album A Nightmare on Elm Street (2014).

(Verse 1: Racheal22k)
All my trouble started with the lil bit of weed
Started dealing 'cause I got it cheap
Money tasted really sweet
Now I'm driving a four wheel jeep
But every story has there ending
Just to live this life was a Fuckin' blessing
For some reason I started stressing
That's when My life turned around
Someone snitched for half of pound
Now that's six cops found underground
Money always brought more problems
Even tought you can buy sexy models
Open up wodka and gin bottles
Its hard to stay in the game
Slip up and get framed
I'll be the one to get all the blame
MC Ozzy remember the name
Government doesn't listen that's a shame
This world is really fucked up
Innocent people gets locked up
Judge won't even listen
They blame you for previous conviction
These facts are real not fiction
My flow is like heroin addiction
Saving Donkey sluts it's not my mission
Girls say there loyal but there actually slutty
They fuck behind your back even with your buddy
All they really care is about the money
Until they have a seed in there tummy
And they say look I'm not fit to be mummy
If you like to fuck a lot
Start raising your child and get a job
Cook it cut it pack it, send it out cause a racket
Little bags of magic, can't help it, force of habit
Cards dealt, pockets getting fatter
Making profit off another sucker
Motherfucker better recognize that I'm a nutter
I'm the dopeman, the king pin, the one who brings the ting in
Phone is always ringing, 24/7 I'm slinging
Haters jealous that I'm winning
In the papers they label me as a villain
'Cause I'm making a killing, Slaying civillians
Raping and pillaging, on any track I'm given, I stay militant
Swinging these wraps, like a Indian axe at these idiots
I'm skinning these cats for acting so ignorant
I'm bringing the facts
Filling the gaps, spilling on wax
In this belligerent land I adapt, make plans then attack
Chase grands, fat stacks, till the day I collapse, I'm going ape
In this planet of hate, panic and pain, manic insanse
Damage your brain, titanic in flames
I ain't got time for these amateur games
I'm climbing to higher planes of existence
Gaining elevation reaching New horizons
Without assistance, I'm striking in the distance
I'm sniping you in an instant your dying
Along with your wife and infant child
That's right, I got a terrible mind, its feral and wild
Covered in slime wearing a hysterical smile
Something vile inside a chemical vial
Style versatile, rank and file, gift and the curse
Every verse I compile, bodies in the hearse
Walking down the isle, in the church
With a bomb strapped to my chest about to burst
From the pressure, Am I on trial for these words?
If I am, I'm guilty, I serve myself, me myself and i, we're filthy
So disturbed, I speak my mind, its milky white
Observe me spit, sperm taking flight
Disgusting shit, give your face a wipe
Before you suck my dick, I came to fight and fuck your life up bitch
Now say goodnight, that's it