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Rachael Yamagata EP (2003)Edit

Rachael Yamagata - Rachael Yamagata EP
Rachael Yamagata
  1. Collide
  2. Known for Years
  3. Worn Me Down
  4. The Reason Why
  5. Would You Please
  6. These Girls (Hidden track)

Happenstance (2004)Edit

Rachael yamagata - happenstance
  1. Be Be Your Love
  2. Letter Read
  3. Worn Me Down
  4. Paper Doll
  5. I'll Find a Way
  6. 1963
  7. Under My Skin
  8. Meet Me by the Water
  9. Even So
  10. I Want You
  11. Reason Why
  12. Moments with Oliver
  13. Quiet

Elephants...Teeth Sinking into Heart (2008)Edit

Rachael Yamagata - Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart
Elephants...Teeth Sinking into Heart
  1. Elephants
  2. What If I Leave
  3. Little Life
  4. Sunday Afternoon
  5. Elephants Instrumental
  6. Duet (featuring Ray LaMontagne)
  7. Over and Over
  8. Brown Eyes
  9. Horizon
  10. Sidedish Friend
  11. Accident
  12. Faster
  13. Pause The Tragic Ending
  14. Don't
  15. Jonah (Japanese bonus track)

Chesapeake (2011)Edit

Rachael Yamagata - Chesapeake
  1. Even If I Don't
  2. Starlight
  3. Saturday Morning
  4. You Won't Let Me
  5. Stick Around
  6. Miles on a Car
  7. The Way It Seems to Go
  8. I Don't Want to Be Your Mother
  9. Full On
  10. Dealbreaker

Heavyweight (2012)Edit

Rachael Yamagata - Heavyweight
  1. Heavyweight
  2. Has It Happened Yet
  3. It'll Do
  4. Falling In Love Again
  5. Nothing Gets By Here
  6. Keep Going

Songs from Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. (Untitled Hidden Track)
  2. Edith
  3. Hidden Track
  4. Ode To...
  5. Parade
  6. The Other Side
  7. Until I Heard
  8. Woman
  9. You Take My Troubles Away

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