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This Song Is About Halo (Subtitled)

This song is by Races To April.

I'm sorry you had to hear thise from me,
But ever so gently
We've lost our hold on each other
When we swore to keep this friendship just platonic
But now it only seems ironic
And chronically forced
I never doubted once, our convictions,
But we all know good intentions
Just drift and fade invisible like smoke
And those late night calls
When I was just too drunk to call back
And when our afternoons got sidetracked
They're really no one's fault
And my best advice is to close your eyes
And know in fifteen years
None of this will matter
And all the trembling lips and every softest kiss
Will be hardly worth the time it took to make them
And now looking back
I wish you hadn't asked
The questions we both knew I couldn't answer
But if one thing's for sure
It's that you're worth more than all
The words we've said alone in silence
May dreams of love and violets fill your head

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