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Yr Test Scores Speak For Themselves

This song is by Racebannon.

Wednesday night captures fright for the meaning of the sick dead police.
Dead/shotgun/life/none it spun the whole car out of control.
It froze her pose as if they had known.
But left alive the madness that had grown.
Can you believe this scene?
A greek man staring, standing tall next to a stop sign.
Refined in his ways, but the sign reads his mind, it's all over his face, it's over your face.
It's in his lifeline (empty space)
Tuesdays run from the young ended in time travel it unraveled a scene that did not want to be seen.
When back from my run with the maniac, the scavenger looking for a prize near the roller coaster try to chuckle while you breath.
Not as easy as you think, is it?

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