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Satan's Kicking Yr. Dick In, Part Vii

This song is by Racebannon and appears on the album Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In (2002).

Early morning. The side of the road. Nowhere, USA. You can't capture the tension inside of the car. It could never be duplicated. Torn dress, face a mess. Falls out the car door. Pity she can no longer sing. Down the road she chose to show herself the truth and she put it to song.

Rhonda: "Once host to the most extravagant parties, the overhead lights are growing so dim."

He ponders a second verse to give her song some conceptual flow. This song is the last song. The dead last song. The last there will ever be.

Rhonda: "At the end of the night I'd take home somebody. Somebody I could forget but could never forget me. Fame, glory, centerfolds: holds my name in immortality. They all never will forget me as long as they're alive. Once more."

Now Rodney's in the dark. Sure it's sudden. But someone's looking for this young lady. Colors crashed, heat wave blasts. Daddy's back for the promise he promised he'd keep.

Satan: "Where do you think your going? I'm on to you. I hope you weren't planning to stay. There's no place for you to go. I'm the Devil, I should know. Baby doll, it's time to go. Oh, the dark path of rock 'n' roll. Who knows, eternity really may have some end? But people spend forever. That's right, I said forever. Burnin', wishin' they'd never made this deal with me. You'll agree with them in just a moment. No way around it. Girl, I'm tellin' you this is it. This microphone will split your soul into two hundred million and two pieces of puzzle, never to hold itself in place. The ultimate of evils. I'm never compromised. Your goddamn right I'm cocky. I'm your dark lord and savior. I'm the motherfucker you never thought you'd ever see. Without me, there'd be no such thing as the bad guy. With that, poof! You're gone."

Rhonda: "In the air so cold and dark. Slip on. Slip on away. Numb. Falling apart. Everything turning in every way. Leaving only the memory of the shame of my mistake. Oh, concentrate, baby, concentrate. Ain't no need to be afraid.

Can't think about that with an aging dream on the roll. I fade away. Oh, concentrate, baby, concentrate. Ain't no need to be afraid. Took advantage of my shine. Blind to the random everyday. Oh, concentrate, baby, concentrate. Ain't no need to be afraid. Just get it over with. The anticipation's too much for me to take. Oh, concentrate, baby, concentrate. Ain't no need to be afraid. Thing is, I can remember nothing now about the glory days Oh, concentrate, baby, concentrate. Ain't no need to be afraid. Come on. Come on. I need the patience. Don't have the patience. Too vulnerable to disguise anything. Bringing me to the end of this rope. Hold on. Hold on. You've heard it in other songs, but now more than ever. I need the patience. Don't have the patience. Come on. Come on. Come on come on. Patience. Patience. Page turned. The burning in me. Inside each and every cell in me. A spree of rainbows. Unnatural effects. And then the darkness that I'll see forever after. Disaster in the norm. But here, this is reality. Pleasing is a myth. Descript. I can barely see a thing."

Which brings us to an explosion everywhere. Infinite. Definitive title on any life that could've been led. Heading down the tunnel. Underneath the real. No beats. No struggle. Just maimed. Rearranged. Birth into an eternity of death. This lets us know this is really happening. Scraping every knowledgable thing. The anticipation's over once again. What now? What now? What now? What now? What now? Now the part, it's all ripped apart. Held left in agony. Spraying venoms from side to side. Colliding with pure evil in the land of sin. Pain cannot end. Misery, misery.

Rhonda: "Cursing me blind."

Hind legs above his eyes. Thighs bearing a stench on need. Breathing back in his face. Laced with unnatural truths. Obtuse in form. Storm the mental lines. Finding himself high up. Charbroiled. A recoil of a life that could've been, had progression taken place on its own. It grew, yet it didn't begin. All of that multiplied for as high as it can go. Soaring through the afterworlds. Held inside all its confusion. Rhonda, you'll stay a dream. Stay a dream with the rest.

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