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Satan's Kicking Yr. Dick In, Part Iv

This song is by Racebannon and appears on the album Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In (2002).

Everywhere newspaper headlines, radio, TV, tapes, CDs, and MP3s are showing the world a new found equation. An equation equal to Rhonda's rise to the might of the spotlight, posed pretty for the camera crew. With the guys upstairs holding all the mathematics, so the rest can't see what they got, America's eyes are glued to the TV screen, awaiting the diva with their souls in his hands. Their ears owe everything, in their eyes, to this beautiful star, turning their volumes up, the anticipation's over, we're now...

TV Announcer: "Live on prime time, ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you The Disco Delights!"

Rhonda: "I bring to you the disguise that has been lifted off the crown, given to me in the eyes of the gifted cross-dressed heroine. We've long forgot the surprise that fell between these cold and empty legs. My memories bring delight. That's why I'm here, and that's why you've come, and that's why we all feel alive. Doesn't it feel great to feel alive with me? Shaped out and spaced out. I need a reason to believe in the myth. The world isn't made of white, pink, and green colors. Colors that bring me the joy that I give back to all you beautiful people. And it's with that same joy that I'm standing here in this glitz and honor."

Trembling in their places, the faces explode in an unnerving pause. The smell of bodies crushing, creating friction, igniting fires. Fires that travel for miles, igniting more fires for all the eyes and ears to see if they can afford to buy a ticket.

Box office worker: "I'm sorry sir we're all sold out. The next show is on Thursday. I suggest you come early in the morning. Miss Delight is quite popular. Don't you read magazines? Goodbye, sir, please leave."

Fans left with a fistful of tears, but backstage is full of all the glamour and gold. Miss Delight flies through the whirlwind of this fame, arms open and all smiles on.

Rhonda: "Bring on the champagne! This is my moment and I'm gonna make it count, dammit!"

He then strips his clothes. His naked body holds every eye the room can supply. He is the most beautiful woman they have ever laid eyes on and he is the most beautiful woman they will ever see.

Rhonda: "I am the most beautiful woman they have ever laid eyes on. My naked body is a fixture of light shutting your eyes and mind blank. None of you will ever be worthy of taking me on my back or any other way."

His flesh blends with the piles of cocaine glittering in the mirror, screaming:

Rhonda: "Goddammit, world, I am your queen!"

He's strutting around the vacant eyes daring to be noticed. They're pissing themselves from nervousness of his body and spirit. Rhonda is the ultimate satisfaction. He is the answer for every yearning ever had.

Rhonda: "Direct your eyes this way, world: the action's over here. That is, if your members can handle the intensity of my beauty. My voice can melt the ears off of kings and fulfill the hunger in the starved child half-dead on the street. I am Rhonda Delight! My image is the new gospel for the world to come. So welcome the new world to come. Please help me welcome the new world to come. Yes it's so glorious. Oh, look at it! It's all so glorious! Tell me that's not glorious...?"

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