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Satan's Kicking Yr. Dick In, Part Iii

This song is by Racebannon and appears on the album Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In (2002).

Transformed into the sound of world renowned divas. It's only big bright lights from here on out. Given that gift yu sing and that sexy figure, here's your symphony. Rhonda, show your face to the world. Provide us with the gift that is the empowerment of your voice. Your late night proclamation needs redeemed of your humiliation. Sure, in between your legs lies a vagina foreign not ever there. And the penis you held so dear, well, Rodney, your long forgotten.

Rhonda: "My stain's washed out. But, I can remember why I came out beaming so bright. It's time to meet the public."

Club owner: "Six minutes, Rhonda your on."

Never has a person beheld a package of sound and beauty as darling yet overwhelming as what they were witnessing. Rhonda is a flaming success and Rodney is something long forgotten.

Rhonda: "Now I just need some greenback supply and my music will make me everything."

When the clothes start flying off, you know it's time to watch. Watch I did. You won't believe what I saw. Piles and Piles of men and women nude. Leaking from every orifice mustered up. Rhonda was their desire. Scared of every claw, every aching eye, those so familiar eyes from some unknown night. With Rodney standing by understanding the meaning of his new anatomy. What strange anatomy. And these people bought all the rights.

Rhonda: "Considering the circumstances, I imagine that there's worse. Payoff is payoff, no matter what it's worth. I hope the soreness dies soon. Soon in the end and down over. But now I'm starting to see some certain shine. It's holding my mind, taking me away for just a few minutes more. This minute's score is certainly something special. I am never going to let go. I've earned the right never to let go."

But wait...

Rhonda: "Oh, how everything seems to be in new shades of colors. I've got a feeling in my head. It's tremendous. I can actually see myself glowing. Even in the post-coital presentation. With my lipstick smeared and my hair in a toss, I can vision the crown and gown draping me, in full view of millions of TVs inside millions of homes. There's millions of TVs inside millions of homes. Ladedadeda disillusioned..."

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