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Satan's Kicking Yr. Dick In, Part Ii

This song is by Racebannon and appears on the album Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In (2002).

Rodney Mitchell was just a kid with a dream of showing everyone his soul on the stage. But boy was Rodney surprised when the crowd assured him he'd never come through. To make out on top of it all was never questioned; there'd be no other option. It was all a lost cause and Rodney knew, but the magnetic pull was too strong from the TV screen.

Rodney: "I wish when people see me *flash!* instant lose their sight. I've grown so tired of this, in nobody's underground. This ain't no kinda livin'. These photos don't show me. It's all out of focus, and the reviews in the magazines can't see what it is I'm portraying. This ain't no kinda livin'. When I go out and strut this stuff, I don't get one look from an eye. If I don't get my name out there now, goddammit, I think I'll just die."

Frustrated with his hole in the dark, Rodney broke, crying naked on the bathroom floor. He got up and looked in the mirror, and what he saw was nothing but an empty world. So he smashed his face into the glass. Now he looked like what had always been known.

Rodney: "My pointless vanity has finally broken me. Still, fuck this world! I wanna take it all. I'd give my soul just to take it all!"

Well, look who's here!

The Devil: "Hold out your hands and take this light. You'll be the dark crowned princess. What I can bless you with is only the blink of an eye. I can make the world glow. Goddammit, I'm the devil, boy! I want you to be with me in this unknown night. So how does it feel on the tip of your tongue? Now I want you to look into my eyes when I scream! And find the strength to receive all your newfound powers. So deep inside my magic pole you will be given the tools to go out and explode.

Now, open that mouth wide and, boy, keep back your gag reflex. I promise in the end you'll illuminate. Now, with all me I've put inside of you, I'll unleash a dose to coat your throat, I'm gonna make this voice like nothin' you've ever heard. Oh yes, boy, I hope your ready!"

And with that, Rodney started to shake, gyrate

Rodney: "Fafafafafauuugggh!"

The Devil: "And remember, one day I'm coming back. Till then show the world what your made of."

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