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Clubber Lang

This song is by Racebannon and appears on the album In The Grips Of The Light (2002).

Your killed enemies have risen to destroy your intellectual capabilities and your ability to head face first into the dirt has taught you nothing but how to get lost in this open field of market and value
I've got heartburn
I can't pay my goddamn rent
Too much attention spent loading myself with the outcome that all these things would come out great
Too late to head back a little
This is the only road you've come to
This is the only road that's come true
She wasn't looking at you, it was just the fact that you just happened to be around
Gone the silly casual dress code that took hold of all of the world around you
Look at what it is that surrounds you
The last thoughts of an overbearing ghost sprinkling the haze with some mumbo jumbo about your killed enemies rise
Long standing ties with notorious movers and shakers can't get you much but looks at latest glamour trends and glamour spends most of its day laughing and pointing at you
Spouting off about all these unknown things that bring the attention from your hopeful pose
The hopeful knows better than to let go of his last ten dollars
Blue collar nothings shinin' loud to make the world blow up
And if the world shows up for it all they can see the image coming at them with no unnecessary alarms
She harms no one
She charms for the sake of my anxiety relief
Unique patterns on the window sills, still gives clues to false entry
I'm false empty without the hope of any kind of outcome
Out comes the trumpets boys, the show's heading home
Laying down to soak in this falling position
With a single listen, it makes you even wonder why you started
Well you started to save yrself from the falling off the cliff
Help me hold on

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