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Our Land

This song is by Rabia Sorda and appears on the album Métodos Del Caos (2006).

You've cried for so long
And your tears don't come out anymore
You know where I come from
And that's something I'll never forget

Take away the pain and the fear
Those that put you down for hundrets of years
Humiliation must never come back
'Cause a new generation will strike back

Heads up! Don't decay!
Don't stop until our world is changed
Heads up! Ain't no shame
Let's make it stop!

You've screamed for so long
Inside a storm, the winds from
Faraway brought so your voice kept strong
While they raped our land without an end
So come and show them your face
And tell them now: We won't put our heads
Down again! No one will ever buy
Or sell our fate, our pride or our lifes again!

A new order awaits
A new world awaits
A place for dreams will become true
Latin America is our land
Our past is present
We will defend our roots, our rights
Our land, no matter what it takes

We're looking for something
Something to believe
We believe in a better tomorrow
Where we all can believe

Wake up brother - this isn't over yet!

Let's write our history with our bloody hands
'Cause heads of state didn't hear demands
They've served themselves and they've stolen
All they could, they've bitten the hand
That fed them their way through

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