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This song is by Ra and appears on the album Critical Mass (2013).

Whatever you say, whatever you think
You will never understand why we became extinct
Every single word you said threw me down to the ground
And every trip you dropped on me weighed a thousand pounds
These days I'm just running just to keep you away
Trying to stay immune to the games you play
You must think I'm coming back because I've got nothing else
Got no respect for you and just enough for myself

Now that time has told the truth
The Sun Goes Down
Finally I know what to do
To make this chapter over

I never knew that it could be like that
But you can't go back no you can't go back
I'll never know if I was right or wrong
But you can't go home no you can't go home
Nobody said it wasn't worth the fight
Don't blame yourself for the hesitation
I never thought that I'd be out on my own
But you can't go home no you can't go home

Well I swallowed my pride for the very last time
Just the sound of your voice makes me sick inside
I've given up on trying to hear the words you say
And I'm never going to see anything your way
All your righteous daggers don't cut my skin
I got my own dark shadows living in my sins
So you can find a new way to share your shame
I won't play your game, I won't wear your stain

What's done is done so stop acting like you're the only one

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