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Sugar for the Ape

This song is by RPWL and appears on the album Trying To Kiss The Sun (2002).

You don't answer when I'm calling you
Doesn't seem there is anything I can do
We should be happy after all we've been through
What d'ya mean I'm not into your life
'Cause I'm always coming home late at night
I don't think you know what you mean

Ooh Baby it's a good day to run away, far away
Ooh Baby it's a good day to run away

The life I'm living is not much of what you know
The place I am is not the place for you to go
You know I didn't mean to hurt you so much!

What do you think of how it used to be?
Was it love that you wanted to see?
I think the best thing is you better get away now.

Send me an angel
That sings a song that makes me smile again
Send me an angel

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