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Can't Stop The Rock

This song is by RNR.

Hit it
It's about fucking time! I'm sick of all these bands whose songs sound as if they were conceived on a blistering day in the fiery pit with
Satan on the kit and a demon screaming absolutely incoherent shit.
Are you fucking possessed?
Or are you just posed to skate?
Take it easy and write a song or two.
You may be good but you'll never be great.
No fucking way!
No fucking how!
You can't stop the fucking rock and roll!
Try as you might to take your toll, you can't stop the motherfucking rock!
It ain't over.
Nothing's over till I say so and I'm not sorry to say this, but better you hear it from me than someone on the street.
You can push us aside and/or take us for a ride, but you and I both know we won't be beat...

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