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Tribute To The Jester

This song is by Rich Kids On LSD and appears…

Now I can turn to you,
Come all unglued,
And spill my guts when I get troubled.
As I approach you simply joke,
I laugh so hard I cry for different reasons.
You never knew or cared the value of the laughs we shared,
They're always priceless.
Rob someone of their depression simply with your conversation.
Oh, Sarcastic Jester tell me one more time.
'Cause if I don't cheer up today I'm bound to lose my mind.
So talk with me a bit, I need your driest wit.
And make me laugh until it hurts,
And satisfy my fix.
A few deny your qualities,
Themselves, uptight unconsciously.
Others will hate you for truths you expose... everyone knows.
Laugh with the world and the world will be laughing with you.
Make them laugh at you and if you're good they'll even pay you
Oh, Sarcastic Jester, please don't get me wrong.
There's nothing more less serious than the lyrics in this song.
So keep that point of view.
Your cynical attitude.
The worlds late to appreciate the kind on earth like you!

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