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Cut out to FL

This song is by RJD2 and appears on the album Deadringer (2002).

Is there something wrong?

Ah... I was just sorta, you know, thinkin' about tomorrow. The lawyer
Said I'll probably get off; you know, probation or something like that.
But he might be saying that afraid I'll jump bail and take off.

What are you gonna do?

I was thinking about cutting out to Florida tonight.

I said I'm thinking about getting lost down there.
You know, it's real warm down there;
If I moved down there I could get a blanket and sleep
Out on the beaches at night.

Where will I find you? What if I want you?

Yeah but hmm... I'm used to being independent
I couldn't be put in a cage or anything
And besides, you'll never wait.

Yes I will.

You say that now, but you don't really mean that.

I will. I promise I will. Promise I will...

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