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Let Me In

This song is by R.E.M. and appears on the album Monster (1994).

Original video
Yeah, all those stars drip down like butter
And promises are sweet
We hold out our pans with our hands to catch them
We eat them up, drink them up, up, up, up

Hey, let me in
Hey, let me in

I only wish that I could hear you whisper down
Mister fisherman, to a less peculiar ground
He gathered up his loved ones and he brought them all around
To say goodbye, nice try

Hey, let me in
Yeah yeah yeah
Hey, let me in, let me in

I had a mind to try to stop you
Let me in, let me in
Well, I got tar on my feet and I can't see all the birds
Look down and laugh at me
Clumsy, crawling out of my skin

Hey, let me in
Yeah yeah yeah
Hey, let me in

Hey, let me in
Yeah yeah yeah
Hey, let me in

Written by:

Bill Berry Wikipedia16 / Peter Buck Wikipedia16 / Mike Mills Wikipedia16 / Michael Stipe

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