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With the force of waves the dreams are calling

The chaos deep within your heart fades and changes
As the silver colored dawn rises
Your pulse begins to beat
Awakening from deep slumber
You start to live

Born within your gaze is
The power to transform broken dreams

Embrace this era with courage Diver
Despite your pain and tears
Swim towards your future
And become a hero

Believe in your overflowing courage
For it will guide you through your journey Soldier

The evolution of everything begins quietly
As the light appears through a break in the clouds

As the memories fade away
Destiny is disrupted
The world opens the doorway
toward the tomorrow

You will continue to be tested
Do not let the grief and darkness overwhelm you

With your kindness and love
Embrace this age with courage Diver
With these burning feelings
Search through time and discover you future self
Hold on to the belief that life has meaning

Everyone is filled with hope
It will never fade away

Leap into this era with courage Diver
Continue to swim toward your future
Through your pain and tears
You will become a hero

With your kindness and love
You will never be alone Diver
Search through time and discover your future self
Believe in these burning feelings
And discover the evidence for life

Shine throughout your journey Soldier