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Album by R-Swift.
  1. Swift in the Box (featuring Briana Carter)
  2. Anthem
  3. The Beginning
  4. They Callin' - Interlude
  5. They Callin'
  6. Dear Mr. President
  7. No No No (featuring Jahaziel, Sho Baraka and Monty G)
  8. Flava of Forever (featuring Theory Hazit, KJ-52 and Braille)
  9. Shattered (featuring Eric Westbrook)
  10. Trap Muzik
  11. Transformed
  12. Held Me Down (featuring Jai)
  13. Chased
  14. Back Up (featuring J.A.Z. and Young Joshua)
  15. That Girl (featuring Psalmizt and Butta P)
  16. Awesome God

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