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This song is by Qwel.

For when it all falls down around the shoulders of soldiers
And preachers and leaders and teachers y'all can tell 'em who told 'em
We wore our souls like the sneakers that keeps our feet from the embers
They swept the streets with our scars, the starving body remembers

Recollect upon his corners, gotta get it if it's possible
But lots of little fools just fell in December
Whatever, opt to stop and rob him cruel
Same shit kept him out of school
Movin' rocks or swoopin' cops that kept him chained to the weather

It never changes it seems, this hole keeps burrowing deeper
Dirty heaps getting higher messiah dying to reach us
The leaders hiding behind us, pretend their minds are on Jesus
When miles of fetuses dying between the lies that they feed us

Teachers buyin' it and sellin' it, pin naive to the genius
The child's eyes ain't seen the wind but his mind can perceive it
Receive the secrets of life and be a light through this bleakness
Use the teachin's of right and truth to fight through this weakness

When all passes to ashes with the cash that we gathered
Can cats imagine reactions after we add up what mattered
Man the chatter among us will numb our ears to the shatterin'
Rattlin', nashin' of teeth resounding ringing like Saturn

Patterned, circling excuses used as tools would just shatter
Because we knew the truth but humans wanted proof on a platter
With loosened grips that grabbed for dollars hollered oops from the ladder
Scattered the youth at the bottom amidst the bruised and the battered

With twisted music and rappers preoccupied with his fashions
And cynic lying politicians tied and blinded with taxes
Actin' thugs, cuttin' in winding lines to climb in his casket
Madness the sign of the times, messiah dyin' to catch us

Why we tryin' eye on the prize and dyin' to ask it
If cats is fine with it, fine if not then why ain't we after it
It's like we rather just laugh or pass and nap or rap a bit
Or haggle over trash and die to try and cash it in


Written by:

James Van Heusen; Johnny Burke

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