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Tie Your Monster Down

This song is by Quiet Company and appears on the album Shine Honesty (2006).

I'm gonna buy a house for everyone I love
And we'll all reside above the empty streets
And I'm gonna dig a grave for everyone I hate
When their lives get in my way

Won't you please give me something to calm my weary mind
Because I did not have the time to work it out

There are angels in my bedroom, they've been sleeping on my fan
They say, "Sweet Taylor, lift your eyes up and understand
That the world, it keeps on moving at an uncompromising pace
So keep the spring under your step and keep the sunlight on your face."

You've got to raise your voice sometimes to get things done
I'm not the monster here.
You've got to break some legs sometimes to get things done.
I'm not the monster here.

You've got to make time to break bones!
You're never gonna calm me down!

And if you want to put me away, you're gonna need a miracle.

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