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The Easy Confidence

This song is by Quiet Company and appears on the album We Are All Where We Belong (2011).

I was screaming out your name
I guess you never heard me but I was screaming it for years
And I think I deserve a reason for why you've been so elusive
Now I've been thinking about my life and I can't believe
That I have wasted so much time trying to be what everyone loves
The prodigal son returning
Oh what a sight the prodigal son returning

If Jesus Christ ever reached down and touched my life
He certainly left no sign to let me know he had
And I wouldn't mind that he couldn't find the time
It's just that now my heart longs for things that probably don't exist
But now I think I see this for what it is

Oh my soul
Oh my soul is tired but I've got an itch to scratch
I've got a stone to throw and I want to sink my teeth into your hollow bones
I've got a bone to pick and I want to pick it clean
Oh the prodigal son and his shameful disbelief

I want something better, I want something real
And this is the part where my exit starts because I caught a glimpse of the father's heart
Do we want something we can't have?
So come on friends count up your sins: one for being human two for being born like this
This isn't love, we're not in love
If you wanted love you just should've spoken up