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Love Is A Shotgun

This song is by Quiet Company and appears on the album Shine Honesty (2006).

Love me when I'm complex, tolerate me when I'm not
Love will be the shotgun that we'll fire to scare them off

I know that we ain't got much, but darling, it's enough
I pray that our friends will up and disappear all the time.

Heal my hear if it's broken, lift me up when it weighs me down
Love will levitate me, serve, and save me, and pull me out

From the snares of a pointless life
To the arms of a loving wife
I pray that our lives
Are gonna settle down
All the time

There's a light in your eyes that says
I don't need anything but your smile and some rest
And it's the way that your hand fits in mine
Like two puzzle pieces so perfectly designed
And if you hold on to me like I hold on to you
I know we're gonna be alright

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