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This song is by Quiero Club.

Mr. Rodriguez said everithing I've given
You're taking my money
You're wasting my time
Everything comes just as easy as it goes
Everything runs in circles
Everything is round
And away, you're so far away
Away, you're so far away
I am so sorry Sir
I can't place your call
I'm unable to help you
I'm just a machine
I am an international operator
I live far away
I live in outter space

So please remind me of breathing
Sometimes I forget that I'm living

Hear the answering machine again


Written by:

Gustavo Mauricio Hernandez Davila; Luis Ezequiel Gerardo Dominguez Quijano; Marcela Viejo Ayala; Priscila Gonzalez Aseff; Rodrigo Martinez Hernandez

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