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Nothing Left

This song is by Question The Answers.

Some read once and twice believe
Some watch everyday but never see
Some listen close but never hear
Some shut themselves off out of fear

Empty promise of posterity
Total lack of liberty
Nothing left for you and me
Churches spirituality
Poisoning my psyche
Nothing left for you and me

Right great it quantity, completely lacking liberty
Air gray with hypocrisy, where it came from we can see
Coporate monopoly on necessity
I sing star spangled songs but I'm not free

Hard to keep my head on straight, distraction all around me
When I'm lied to in school and every night on TV
Little you know for sure but I know that you're right
If everything you do is yours not 'cause of gods wrathful sight
Knowing what I think to be
The truth that I'm not meant to see
Makes me so happy, yeah
Not the same as everybody
Got my own personality
Makes me so happy, yeah
There's nothing left.

There's nothing left

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