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The World's Smallest Violin

This song is by Querencia.

Know this, I never meant to hurt you
That the sparkle in your eye is just a figment of my mind
Turn pale, nearly every time we speak
Words are stripped of meaning, can't wake the dead with poetry
There's always something left to say! when I recite these simple words that can't describe you
Our darkest days, are laid to rest buy locking them inside
And every night we've held dear has a way of ending
(Noteworthy lines crossed out and revised, a rewritten edit, confide) when the sun returns, my heart screams to you to answer from the grave
But I can't find comfort in the threat of time
It's the killer of the king, pressing mountains into seas, making deserts out of trees, lives becoming history
To heal the wounds we kiss
The blood stains my lips
The sour taste of it makes me sick
This is the end of all time
This is the end of hope
Into nothing, surrender
We can walk away without looking back, that's always how it begins, but it's always the end, and it's always ending, and I'm a broken machine but I'm ready

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