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My Living Will

This song is by Querencia.

Like limbs of a tree, the older we get the more rigid we grow, and more bound to break
The earth is forgotten as we reach the sun
Described by most as treating your life like a joke, well if that's the case, then why can't I laugh at myself? this is an obituary, for who I used to be
This is an invitation, addressed to the world, to bite the hand that feeds, to slash the tyrant wrist that holds the leash, it stings a bit at first but please believe, the pain will go away
The pain will subside
We are, the angry tide
We are, the burning rage
The birds that hate the cage
This is the final age! we are, the blank page
And in your name I scream for more
You can't tell what I will say even when it's written on my face, because no one's ever been there, and I have never been scared
Blacks and whites will mix to gray, I wouldn't want it any other way
Drink from the sea it tastes like blood, eat from the earth it tastes like flesh
Decide! become your own guide
We carry a cross a burden born of our fears
We're counting the seconds until our redemption
Well I've forgiven myself, and for the first time I can let go

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